What I Do

I have always believed that we are most successful doing what we are passionate about. My passion is helping communities, entrepreneurs and small businesses successfully create connections and communication.

What is unique about my approach is that I believe people want a genuine, authentic human connection. Whether dealing with an individual or a large corporation, people want to feel like they know and can relate to who they’re working with. I will help to draw out your story and personality, determine which elements to emphasize, and to effectively communicate it through whichever channels you choose to use.  Whether it’s just a bio for a conference, the content for your website, a magazine writeup, or a complete social media campaign, I will coordinate every piece of your written presence to sing your song in harmony.

I offer a range of writing, content generation, and social media strategies and solutions to help you tell your story. I can start with the very basics of helping you set up a Twitter account to one-on-one training, site creation, and full social media account execution. I write blog posts, web content, promotional copy, and feature-length articles for online and print publications. Whether you’re new to online media or already have things set up and just want someone else to write your blog posts, I can help.

Have questions? Not sure what you need? Please contact me. I’m always excited to hear about new projects and ideas, and look forward to the opportunity to help you with the content and messaging you need.

  • Services

    I offer freelance services in the following areas:

    - Creation and customization of social media accounts for your business (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
    - Social media strategy development, implementation, and execution
    - Blog copy writing and editing
    - Magazine feature articles, columns, and sidebars
    - Interviews and professional profiles
    - Press releases
    - Newsletter writing and editing